Therapeutic Services

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Flight offers the following therapeutic services:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual Skill Development (Therapeutic Mentoring)
  • Psychoeducation and Wellness Management
  • Parent Psychoeducation
  • Service Facilitation

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FLYY’s community care program serves youth, young adults, and their parents or caregivers. Our typical participant is between ages 7 – 35, and parents or caregivers of any age. What sets this therapy program apart is the methodological framework we use with our participants (experiential education, restorative justice practices, and a family systems approach), as well as our drive and commitment to carry out FLYY’s mission and values. We work with individuals and families using a strengths-based recovery model designed to support long-term success.

In order to promote maximum therapeutic growth, sessions often happen in a non-office setting. Staff utilize the non-traditional environment of the session as a tool for success, integration, and to facilitate the growth process. A typical session might be held outdoors to allow not only for verbal processing, experiential modeling, and teaching, but also for healing of the spirit. Other sessions may take place at a coffee shop, in FLYY’s office and kitchen, or within the community learning to use public transportation or to access other local resources. FLYY is able to customize the support needed by each individual and can design a plan that helps each participant become a healthy, productive community member.

The Therapy Program’s philosophy includes:

    • Use of a modern recovery-based model that allows participants to learn and practice their skills in a non-linear way. This model allows for continued enhancement and application of new tools and skills, and provides opportunities for learning and growth at each stage.
    • A relationship-based approach. The relationship that develops between a participant and staff is the cornerstone of all therapeutic work. FLYY relies heavily on the ability of our staff to build rapport and trust with each participant, to meet them where they are at, and to work with them in a way that is both collaborative and best suited to their needs and desires.  
    • A carefully considered environment for each session. The physical environment for each session is always impactful, and FLYY staff assist in using this as a tool to aid in the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual growth processes.
    • Use of Motivational Interviewing and Restorative Justice practices. Participants are guided to reflect with questions intended to help them discover their own motivations,values, and needs, as well as  how their choices and words are impacting both themselves and others.
  • Strengths and Family Systems-based approaches. FLYY staff work with participants always through an optimistic and hopeful lens. Staff also take into consideration the impact of the systems and relationships within participants’ lives and aim to assist them in participating in these in the healthiest ways possible.  
To make a referral or for general questions about the therapy program, please call FLYY’s Clinical Director, Jordan Rozeske at 608-512-6109 or email her at