Therapy Program

Nate Olson, LMFT


Psychotherapist & Individual Skills Provider

Nate Olson’s interests and experiences include outdoor education, indigenous traditions and ceremony, community living, men’s support groups, working with the prison population, and hospice volunteering. Nate graduated from Edgewood College’s Marriage and Family Therapy program in 2017 during which time he interned at The Family Center in Madison, Wisconsin.  His supportive style is positive, experiential, and solution-focused.  

Nate teaches and assists with practice of mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness skills with youth and young adults at FLYY, often combined with parent skills training. Initially, the work is assisting with emotional expression and awareness, and developing skills to cope when visiting emotions become too intense to manage. He works toward reframing emotions as neutral, passing phenomena that appear personal, but ultimately serve to show what interprets and is receptive to them within oneself. He reframes challenging emotions as opportunities to find our center and expose that within us which causes disturbance. He assists with softening one’s inner critical voice with compassion rather than judgement. 

Approaches and techniques he incorporates include Self Compassion, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Indigenous Healing, among others. His hope for his clients is that they can stay present and centered in the moment no matter what arises, and recognize they are, actually, magnificent.  

It is Nate’s honor and great privilege to work in this way with many amazing people.

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