Service Facilitation

FLYY’s service facilitation program has three main functions: 

Screening & Assessment

Screening and assessment services include: completion of initial and annual functional screens, and completion of the initial comprehensive assessment and ongoing assessments as needed. 

The assessment covers all the designated life domains, including substance use, and addresses the strengths, needs, recovery goals, priorities, preferences, values, and lifestyle of the participant. In addition, the assessment will identify how to evaluate progress toward the participant’s desired outcomes.

Service Planning

Service planning includes the development of a written plan of psychosocial rehabilitation services that will be provided or arranged for the participant. The service plan is based on the assessed therapy needs of the participant. It includes measurable goals and the type and frequency of data that will be used to measure progress toward the desired outcomes. The plan is reviewed and updated based on the needs of the participant or at least every six months. That review includes an assessment of the progress toward goals and participant’s satisfaction with the therapy services. The service plan review must be facilitated by the service facilitator in collaboration with the participant and the recovery team.

Service Facilitation

Service facilitation includes activities that ensure the participant receives: assessment services, service planning, service delivery, and supportive activities in an appropriate and timely manner. It also includes ensuring the service plan and service delivery for each participant is coordinated, monitored, and designed to support the participant in a manner that helps the participant to achieve the highest possible level of independent functioning. Service facilitation includes assisting the participant in self-advocacy and helping the participant obtain other necessary services such as medical, dental, legal, financial and housing services.

Service facilitation for minors includes advocating, and assisting the minor’s family in advocating, for the minor to obtain necessary services. When working with a minor, service facilitation that is designed to support the family must be directly related to the assessed therapy needs of the minor. Service facilitation includes coordinating a participant’s crisis services, but not actually providing crisis services.

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