Parent Psychoeducation

The goal of this program is to provide skills and tools that focus on: opening lines of communication between the parent(s) and child, managing the parent’s reactions and emotions, resolving disagreements, disengaging from conflict, repairing harm, and working towards creating a context of hope within the household. FLYY’s Parent PsychoEd program is a 10 to 12 week commitment.

The Parent Coach will come to the family home and work directly with the parent(s) about real-time issues and concerns they have about their child and their parenting. Our Parent Coaches use modeling and a restorative justice-based curriculum to guide most sessions. Parent PsychoEd is an intensive program that requires parents who are motivated to change their household dynamics, willing to engage in self-reflection about their communication patterns and styles, and committed to participating in the entire 10 to 12 weeks of sessions.

Parent Support program

Families can also access our Parent Coaching services without participating in the full 10 to 12 week PsychoEd program. A Parent Coach provides support and coaching to families in need that may not be ready or able to fully commit to the intensive PsychoEd program. The Parent Coach will tailor their services to each family’s needs, and will provide modeling, empathy, and restorative justice-based techniques to help repair relationships and communication. The Parent Coach will provide modeling and uses empathy and restorative justice-based techniques to help repair communication and negative impacts that have taken place in the parent-child relationship. The Parent Support service mirrors some of the same work done in the PsychoEd program but without the structure of the intensive 10 to 12 week model.


To make a referral or for general questions about the Flight program, please call FLYY’s Clinical Director, Jordan Rozeske at 608-512-6109 or email her at