Leadership Training

“Be tough, yet gentle. Humble, yet bold. Swayed always by beauty and truth.” ~ Bob Pieh

Innate leadership is a gift. Many people have to work hard to become effective. Our Leadership Training teaches the nuances of leadership that you will not get in most other trainings. Choose any or all topics from the list below (or add your own to the list.)

Leadership Training Topics:

  • From “out there” to “in here.” Take a closer look at your biases, world view, judgements, and culture, as well as how your personal story influences your leadership style.
  • From controlling to connecting. Relationships – building trust, relating, and sustaining rapport.
  • The many roles of leadership.
  • Building and maintaining a positive group culture.
  • Developing capacity and influence.
  • Cultural competency and trauma-informed leadership.
  • Experiential teambuilding activities.
  • Restorative practice-based leadership.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Resources and tools.
  • Strategies for pacing.

Some benefits of this service may include:

  • Greater understanding of culturally responsive and trauma-informed leadership.
  • Increased capacity and confidence.
  • Ability to change the culture of your group or team.
  • Greater awareness of one’s abilities to build trust with others, connect authentically, and maintain rapport over time.
  • More tools, activities and resources.
  • Better understanding of one’s strengths and limitations.
  • How to adapt one’s style based on the culture, demographic, and needs of whom you are leading.
  • Improved ability to pace oneself and maintain personal wellbeing.
  • Your role during conflicts within your group or team.


For more information or to begin a needs assessment, please call Jessie Kushner at 608-347-1432 or email her at jessie@flyy.org.