Leadership Training

“Be tough, yet gentle. Humble, yet bold. Swayed always by beauty and truth.” ~ Bob Pieh

Innate leadership is a gift. Many people have to work hard to become effective. Choose any or all topics from the list below (or add your own to the list.)

Leadership Training Topics:

  • From “out there” to “in here.” Take a closer look at your biases, world view, judgements, and culture, as well as how your personal story influences your leadership style.
  • From controlling to connecting. Relationships – building trust, relating, and sustaining rapport.
  • The many roles of leadership.
  • Building and maintaining a positive group culture.
  • Developing capacity and influence.
  • Cultural competency and trauma-informed leadership.
  • Experiential teambuilding activities.
  • Restorative practice-based leadership.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Resources and tools.
  • Strategies for pacing.

Some benefits of this service may include:

  • Greater understanding of culturally responsive and trauma-informed leadership.
  • Increased capacity and confidence.
  • Ability to change the culture of your group or team.
  • Greater awareness of one’s abilities to build trust with others, connect authentically, and maintain rapport over time.
  • More tools, activities and resources.
  • Better understanding of one’s strengths and limitations.
  • How to adapt one’s style based on the culture, demographic, and needs of whom you are leading.
  • Improved ability to pace oneself and maintain personal wellbeing.
  • Your role during conflicts within your group or team.
For more information or to begin a needs assessment, please call Jessie Kushner at 608-347-1432 or email her at collectivevoices2019@gmail.com.