Individual Skill Development

Individual Skill Development is a hybrid of therapeutic mentoring and teaching life skills. It marries the goals and skills of a therapeutic treatment protocol with the bonding, coaching, guiding, and supporting strategies used in mentoring, all while teaching our participants skills they will need to be successful in life. A Skill Coach is assigned to provide individual programming that will empower youth and young adults by working with their strengths. Staff work hand-in-hand with the youth’s team to provide specialized individual support. Together, the youth and Coach will work on learning:

  •     New coping skills
  •     Problem solving
  •     Communication tools
  •     Experiential based learning
  •     Emotional regulation
  •     Social skills
  •     Distress tolerance

In addition, Skill Coaches help older teens and young adults with challenges such as:

  •     Independent living skills
  •     Developing coping skills
  •     Interpersonal skills
  •     Maintaining employment
  •     Substance use and abuse
  •     Working through a variety of obstacles and challenges in their lives

Individual Skill Development is not mentoring, although mentoring activities may be included in the treatment strategy. It is a very measured and strategic intervention model—one that works particularly well within a multicultural framework. The nature of Individual Skill Development demands the maintenance of a very close working relationship between the Skill Coach, participant, and parent or caregiver. In Individual Skill Development, the location and process of intervention is directly related to the advancement of a particular treatment goal.