How to Feel Peace On Purpose

Peace. Just typing the word causes my whole body to relax. Out comes a big, calming sigh and my brain gets quiet and halts the hamster wheel. Feeling peaceful is wonderful. And acting from a peaceful mood creates wonderful results in our life: we’re more generous, forgiving, calm, grateful and tolerant. Would you like to […]

How to Handle A Narcissist

Do you know someone–maybe a friend or someone in your family—who frequently causes you to feel embarrassed, confused, foolish or maybe resentful and pissed off? They act as though they’ve got all the answers, treat you with condescension, rarely apologize, and are prone to angry outbursts if they don’t get their way? If so, then […]

Help! My Brain’s Been Hijacked!

It’s a frequent scenario. It’s late Sunday afternoon. I ask my 16 year-old daughter to start packing because her Dad’s coming soon to pick her up for visitation. He gets frustrated when she’s not packed when he arrives, as do I. We’ve been getting along great so I expect her to jump up and get […]

Feel Good Neurotransmitters

During times of reflection people often look back on their lives and imagine snapshots of moments or event that had a profound impact on them. This mental photo album creates a timeline of meaningful happenings that define who we are. The moments collectively provide us our personal lens, through which we see and interpret the […]